March 12, 2016

Southern Solar Power Company is a business development company whose core focus is to invest in alternative energy projects, particularly the production of Solar Energy. Solar energy is a clean, renewable energy that can be used in any home or business at any time day or night when you're dwelling is fitted with the proper equipment. Armed with experience in the alternative energy sector, Southern Solar Power Company is actively engaged in developing revenue-generating assets that will meet the burgeoning demand for domestically produced environmentally friendly energy resources.

Recent SSPC Press Releases:

6/4/03 - Southern Solar Power Co. Discloses Additional Details of Mississippi Power Venture

5/29/03 - Southern Solar Power Co. Signs Agreement to Sell Biodiesel Generators for 1.8M and Joins Mississippi Power Development Company

4/2/03 - Multimedia Available: Southern Solar Power Co. President/CEO Participates In Tribal Energy Briefing To White House Task Force

3/18/03 - Southern Solar Power Co. Signs Joint Venture Agreement With Carbon Cycle Company International For Biomass Power Projects

2/25/03 - Southern Solar Power Co. Adds General Engineering and Construction Firm To Eco-Energy Power Generation Project Team

1. OxEG Biodiesel fuel can be made from domestic, natural, renewable sources such as new or used vegetable oils, animal fats and non-petroleum feed stocks like soybeans and corn.

2. USDA tests have confirmed that biodiesel is less toxic than table salt and biodegrades as quickly as sugar.

3. Tests have also shown that using biodiesel could result in up to a 100% reduction in carcinogens, a 95% reduction in ozone harmful hydrocarbons and up to a 94% reduction in particulate matter, thereby reducing cancer risks.

4. OxEG Biodiesel is biodegradable and requires minimal, if any, engine modification when used either as a blending component or alone as B100 in generators.



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